ADA Guide

El Pueblo Historical Monument ensures compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) at all facilities, services and events to provide equal access to all visitors.  Access for those with wheel chairs is described below.

Parking - Handicapped parking spaces is provided in Lot 1, Lot 2 and Lot 3.  For a site map click here.  

Biscailuz Building - Wheelchair access is provided at the north end of the building accessed from the Placita de Delores (Alameda St) side of the building providing access to the elevator serving all floors of the building:

  • First Floor - Mexican Cultural Institute Gift Shop and Library 
  • Second through Fourth Floors - El Pueblo Administrative Offices
  • Fifth Floor - Mexican Cultural Institute offices
  • Basement Level - Meeting Room and MCI Art Gallery

Avila Adobe Museum/Visitors' Center - Access to the adobe is provided on Olvera Street at the main entrance to the museum.

Chinese American Museum - Access to all Chinese American Museum exhibits is provided on Sanchez Street through the main entrance of the museum, take the elevator inside the museum to view exhibits on the mezzanine and second floor.

America Tropical Interpretive Center - Access to all America Tropical Interpretive Center is provided on Olvera Street through the main entrance of the exhibit, take the elevator inside the exhibit to the viewing platform for Siqueiros Mural "America Tropical".



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