El Pueblo de Los Historical Monument Authority, home of world-famous Olvera Street with over two million visitors a year, is a department of the City of Los Angeles.  El Pueblo is governed by the El Pueblo Board of Commissioners that was established in 1992 by the Los Angeles City Council.  The nine Commission members are appointed by the Mayor of Los Angeles.  Commission meetings are scheduled for the second and fourth Thursday evenings of each month.  For the agenda of the next Commission meeting (click here).  The Commission establishes policies, sets lease rates, and provides long-term oversight for the 44-acre Monument including five museums, 28 historical buildings and over 10,000 historical artifacts.  Administrative services include Property Management, Events and Marketing, and the History Divisions.

The Executive and Administration Divisions include Executive Administration, staff support to the Commission and the Budget, Personnel,Accounting, and purchasing responsibilities.  These Divisions implement Commission decisions, communicate with other City departments and El Pueblo sponsors, process over $3 million in annual revenue, prepare the annual budget and manage all purchasing, risk management, safety, and human resources functions.

The Property Division provides on-site management of the 78 merchant leases on Olvera Street, the historical structures, the utilities and other properties of the Monument.  The Property Division negotiates lease agreements and provides for the safe use of all property. 

The Events and Marketing Division provides marketing and promotions program, public relations efforts, coordinates all major and special events, filming coordinates daily entertainment and supports the Olvera Street Merchants Traditional Events.

The History Division schedules all tours of the Monument, provides museum staffing, ensures artifact preservation and provides all educational program services.

 Two other City departments provide additional services at El Pueblo.  Facilities maintenance, custodial, parking and security services are provided by the Department of General Services.  Landscaping, tree trimming and grounds keeping services are provide by the Department of Recreation and Parks.

El Pueblo ensures ADA compliance at all facilities, services and events to provide equal access to all visitors.  El Pueblo is an equal opportunity employer.

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