Chinese American Museum: Nov. 14th - Monterey Park in the 80s and 90s: Storefront Signage and the English-Only Movement

On Thursday, November 14th at 6:30pm, the Chinese American Museum will host a panel discussion on the controversy that enraged the ethnically diverse community of Monterey Park.  Beginning in the 80s, the Slow-Growth movement and the English-Only movement, were attempts to slow down the population growth and limit Chinese language storefront signage.  A recent review of the general code regarding signage in August 2013 has reignited the debate.

Join community members Jose Calderon, Ph.D. and Leland Saito, Ph.D., and LA Times journalist Frank Shyong in Monterey Park Storefront Signage and the English-Only Movement as they share how they fought against these movements and explore the current reactions now that the city has to confront its past.

Event is open to the public.
Please reserve your seat by emailing

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