Founding of Olvera Street

In November 1928, a young woman named Christine Sterling went for a walk at the historical plaza. Halway down one of the side street, she saw the Avila Adobe with a condemnation notice from the City health officials stating the building was slated for demolition. Knowing that the Avila Adobe was the oldest house in Los Angeles, she began to raise money to repair it. She also had a dream to create a "Mexican marketplace" near the Avila Adobe where people could learn about Los Angeles' Spanish and Mexican heritage. Through her efforts many of the historic buildings around the plaza were saved. In 1930 her dream of a "Mexican marketplace" came to fruition. She invited artisans and craftspeople and opened Olvera Street 1930. To this day, Olvera Street is a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike, attracting over 2 million people a year.

Avila Adobe (ca. 1920s)Olvera Street (ca. 1930)

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