The Blessing of the Animals

The Blessing of the Animals by Leo Politi

Artist Leo Politi's colorful mural, The Blessing of the Animals is located on the façade of the Biscailuz Building. Dedicated on April 4, 1978, by Cardinal Timothy Manning, the mural depicts the ceremony of consecrating animals, an annual tradition which has taken place at El Pueblo since 1938.

Father Hidalgo Rang the Bell

Father Hidalgo Rang the Bell of Dolores by Eduardo Carrillo

In 1968, the Mexican government donated to the City of Los Angeles a replica of the Bell of Dolores which Father Hidalgo rang on the morning of September 16, 1810, signaling the beginning of Mexico's Wars of Independence from Spain. Artist Eduardo Carrillo received a commission in 1977 to create a mural that would complement the replica of the Bell displayed at the Placita de Dolores located on Alameda Street near Olvera Street. The mural, painted on 300 1' ceramic tiles, depicts the key figures in the Mexico's early Wars of Independence, including Dona Josefa Dominguez, Jose Maria Morelos, Captain Ignacio Allende, and Juan de Aldama.







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