Rules for Performing

(the “MONUMENT”)


  1. Volunteer performers may solicit donations only if such solicitation is done in a non-aggressive manner.  Placing a kitty or basket on the ground with the words “Volunteer Performer(s) Donations Accepted” allowed.  “Passing the hat”, gestures, or spoken solicitation for donations is prohibited.
  2. Group leader must be present at all performances at the Monument.  If a group leader cannot be present, a designated individual appointed by the leader shall be available.
  3. While performing (includes any activity pertaining to group in the public’s eye) each group member or individual performer must be dressed in full costume. 
  4. Costumes are defined as garments which are appropriate to the performance.
  5. All members of groups and individual performers must be courteous to one another and respect each others performance scheduled time.  Security and Greeter’s staff are authorized to strictly enforce performance hours.
  6. All performers scheduled between the hours of 10:00am through 12:00 noon (Tuesday through Saturday only), shall begin their performance 15 minutes after the hour.  This proactive will ensure that the Angelitas can give their tours in the Kiosk/Plaza area at the hours mentioned above.
  7. The use of any type of alcoholic beverage, drugs, offensive language, intimidation or improper behavior is not permitted.
  8. Performers shall reimburse the Monument on demand for any and all damages caused during a scheduled performance.
    No parking or unloading equipment is allowed on the Plaza area or Sanchez Street.
  9. The Monument retains the right to ask a group or performers to leave the premises and to refuse the issuance of future permits if these Rules are not complied with.
  10. Performers shall maintain the premises free and clear of debris and litter and clean after performance to the City’s satisfaction.
    No offensive matter or substances constituting an unnecessary, unreasonable or material hazard detrimental to public health shall be permitted at the performance.  The performance site will be maintained free of any hazardous material, or material that meets the toxicity, reactivity, corrosivity or flammability criteria as hazardous under California law, or any other contaminants, pollutants, toxic substances or related materials which pose a hazard to health or to the environment.
  11. Performers shall protect the flooring, including outside pavers and brick surfaces and shall not damage any artwork or historical features of the Monument. 
  12. Nailing, screwing or painting of Monument property is strictly prohibited.
  13. City is not liable for personal injury or damage to personal property, such as vehicles and equipment, including damage from fire or theft.
  14. Performers will not use the City seal or other City copyrighted or patented material without written authorization from the City Attorney and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the City from all damages, costs, expenses and actions in law or equity for or on account of the use of any protected item used by Permittee.  Nothing in this Agreement shall confer licensing rights to Permittee of any marks owned by the City.
  15. Performers are independent contractors and not agents or employees of the City.
  16. These rules constitute the entire Agreement and supersede any prior oral or written agreement, representations, commitments, or proposals between the City and Performers.  No verbal agreement or conversation with any Performer will affect or modify any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.  This
  17. Agreement may only be amended by a written amendment properly executed and signed by the persons authorized to bind the parties thereto.
  18. Performers may not assign, transfer, license, delegate and/or grant all or any part of their rights or privileges under the Agreement to any person or entity.
  19. Performers agree to comply with all required Federal, State, County and City laws and all Rules and Regulations for the Monument.
  20. The validity of this Agreement and its terms shall be governed by the laws of the State of California.

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