Hammel Building

The Hammel Building on North Main Street was constructed between 1909.  Originally built as four light industrial shops with a partial basement storage area along Olvera Street, the building now fronts on Olvera Street and houses two ground level shops and two basement shops. Marie Hammel, who built the Italian Hall next door in 1907, hired architects Husdon and Munsell to construct the building at a cost of $4,000. In 1913, the Hammel Building passed to Mrs. Hammel's daughter, Marie Hammel McLaughlin, who enlarged the building on the Olvera Street side.

As Olvera Street was transformed into a Mexican Market place in 1930, it was necessary to provide public access to the building from Olvera Street and staircases had to be constructed to the ground floor of the Hammel Building. Small basements were excavated during the 1940s to provide additional shops for Olvera Street merchants.  Although the Main Street facade has not changed significantly, the Olvera Street facade has been altered and repaired over the years.

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